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Do you read anything that I write?
1 deviant said Yes - Love it ALL!
1 deviant said Only your fan fictions!
No deviants said Sure do, but not everything
No deviants said Only your poetry!
No deviants said Only your smutty stuff
No deviants said Nope sorry can't say I do.
No deviants said You write?
No deviants said ummm... huh?
For those of you who'd rather read the story on line continuously instead of per paged chapter in here, check it out on…;

this only goes to Chapter 15 as in here and is added to like it is in here. It's just easier for when you're on a kindle or tablet. 
Generation Ork - Chapter 15
Bungled Mission

"Here you go kiddo." Darren passed Miele the bus ticket he bought the child and told the driver he was going to meet up with his mom in Boulder Colorado and that he'd be fine on the trip.  The driver agreed to help the boy and Darren was actually glad this kid had someone else looking out for him.  

Miele nodded as he took the ticket. "Tell Sandi I said good-bye." Miele's tone was distant and he didn't say thank you for anything and Darren found it odd that it was only good-bye this child was more concerned with than showing gratitude.  His response was casual, he was just glad to see this youngster head on his way.

"I will." He watched as the little fella exited the truck's cab. landing on the ground with a soft thud. Darren shut the door to the passenger's side and headed back to his driver's seat and watched the boy enter the bus depot.  He backed out of the station and started to head to work.  Darren didn't know what hit him as he pulled out into traffic. He never would.  

Miele watched and attacked Darren's brain making him think it was safe to pull out of the stations parking lot, right out in front of a 45,000 pound semi truck.  The driver had no time to stop and Darren had no time to react as he thought it was safe.  Miele never said a word as he watched the man who got him into town die under the wheels of the truck.  He turned away from the depots window as people who were close by gasped and one woman screamed.  He entered the bus passed his ticket over to the driver who was shaking his head at the accident.  Miele watched from the window of the bus as ambulances arrived along with the local police and media.  The driver tried to pull away the bus away as he had a route to keep, but he was going to be a bit late as the police tried to direct the traffic, Miele continued to watched the scene unfold, the hounds run for their story and people gather like a spreading infection to gawk at the destruction he helped create. The bus then was able to get onto the road and it  headed towards its destination.  Darren's family wouldn't learn of this accident for hours and Miele would be far away by then.  

The next morning they were all standing outside of the hotel in the garden where all their earthly purchases had been off loaded for their departure. Mearth had Holly with him and she seemed to be closer to him that ever before.  Xu looked nervous and Orwell didn't particularly seem to want to leave. Miranda was being asked a dozen questions by Xu and was amused at her concerns.

"Yes,  I'm sure we have everything we need Xu it's OK; we will just transport to Jeanine's when we're ready to head over, she's expecting us tonight. I think Mearth wants to spend a bit more time with Holly." She smiled as she watched him lay an arm over Holly's shoulder and tuck her in a bit closer to his side.  She seemed very content to be there.

"Keep in touch then, I will want to know how you're both doing while down here." Xu said as she watched the second last cargo box get zipped off on the H-28 beam to their ship.

"We will I assure you." Miranda watched as well as the last one disappeared.  She looked over at Orwell and Reach.  "Thanks you two, I'll miss you both as well, and I hope you have everything you need for your own project Reach. If you need help, get Orwell to call."  Miranda reached over and hugged both of them and they smiled at her and Orwell passed her over the remaining transporter remotes that went with the first one he'd given her.

"Be safe, and go with a guiding hand Miranda, you've an important job here.  I will hope it's a smooth one." He saluted her with a grin and they all chuckled.  Miranda bowed and the crew all disappeared on the transporter beam.  They would pull out of orbit in about an hour and Miranda realized that they were truly there on their own now.  She looked skyward and waved even though she knew they couldn't see her she felt it was necessary.  She looked over at her brother who was also looking up. They had to get ready and pack themselves and call Jeanine to let her know they'd be there soon and to see if Lola had any one show.

"Come on Mearth we have much to do and so very little time to do it in."  She signed and headed back into the hotel to their suite.  When she got to her room she was pleasantly surprised that there was a folder there along with paper work and information and clearance for her and Mearth to the bank account her mother had opened when they were still here on earth.  She showed Mearth and Holly the paper work and info. The funds had grown quite a bit and they were  very pleased to see that they would have enough to survive quite OK till they both managed to obtain jobs.  Their VISA's were there as well allowing them clearance into Canada without any issues and instructions that they must return to the USA once every six months for renewal.  That wouldn't be an issue for either of them.

"Great thing is, is if you need a place to stay you can always come stay with me till your new VISA's come in and it won't take long and I can keep track of the process as well." She sighed a deep sigh and smiled from ear to ear, she knew she'd be getting to see more of Mearth; and Miranda knew that she'd probably see very little of him at the rate things were going.  'Oh well' she thought, 'at least he's got someone to keep him busy; I'm going to be busy enough not to have to worry about him to.' She picked up the bank cards that came with her folders and decided this was a perfect time to show Mearth how this banking stuff worked.  

"Come on, you need to know this so let's go for a walk." Mearth, a bit bewildered at the sudden turn of Miranda's mood of we 'gotta pack' to 'Let's do this' made him a bit perturbed but he figured it was probably jitters about the trip to Toronto.  He sighed and followed his sister out the door with Holly holding onto his hand.  They walked down the road and into town, the shops lined up for miles making quite the grandeur to one's eyes.   Miranda spotted a bank machine and went to it.  With the instructions she followed it to set up her PIN number for her card then showed Mearth how to do it with his.  She then showed him how to take money out of the machine and how to put it back in.  
He found the whole thing a tad time consuming and silly.  If you want to spend money use the card without taking it out of the bank would be easier to him so he said as much.

"Isn't it easier just to pay for it at the store with the card?" He was perplexed but he needed to know this stuff.

Miranda smiled. "You can if you want to.  I showed you how to take out money so if you have to pay cash, say for a taxi; then you can get it before you get into a taxi and not have to worry about paying for it later on.  I showed you how to put it into the machine as you will have to cash checks sooner or later and it's best you know now.  Bills don't pay themselves as mom told me in her training videos."

"I remember mom telling that to dad... A LOT!" He said with a smirk.

'Oh Brother!' Miranda heard her father say in her head.  'Now your mother is laughing at me.'
Miranda shook her head and chuckled under her breath.  They headed back but as they did Mearth stopped in front of a television shop.  The TV displayed was enormous, and the size of the windows in their suite.  The TV wasn't what caught Miranda's eyes. It was the news article being broadcasted in front of her face and the image she saw of a bus driving away from an accident scene.

"Oh My Ork!" She said as she covered her mouth and stared. Even her father gasped in her head.

"What?!" Holly asked, confused at what was going on.  Miranda didn't say a word she just pointed to the screen and Mearth followed her finger and his face dropped as well.

"Well I'll be damned!" He said.  There on the screen the media personnel was covering an accident in Colorado city, she was talking about a man who was killed when he drove out in front of a semi truck after placing a child on a commuter bus to his mothers place.  Miranda listened to the story as it unfolded.

"Staff of the commercial busing services stated that they weren't aware at first that the child who was on the bus that pulled from the depot was the same child who had a ticket purchased for him by the same man who was killed leaving the depot only minutes before the bus was to depart.  When media asked around no one seemed to know who this child was.  When his family was finally contacted we were told the child who was with him was someone who just shown on their door step looking for a ride home to see his mother."  

The lady paused and the camera panned to the wreckage.  "The young boys bus was delayed at least twenty minutes before they were able to leave and our camera man caught footage of that bus as it pulled out."  The station ran the feed that caught Miranda's eye in the first place again, and there before her eyes again Miranda saw Miele in the bus window watching with a straight dead panned face as they passed the wreckage.  

"I bet he had something to do with that accident." Mearth said.

"Oh don't be silly Mearth, that's just a child." Holly was startled at his comment and felt the accusation was uncalled for. They listened to the journalist to continue.

"This poor child witnessed this accident and is more than likely traumatized by what he saw.  Many are now wondering; just where is his mother and why is he traveling alone?"  The anchor man for the station commented with "Such a tragedy for young eyes to see. Thanks Nancy for your time and now on with sports." The news cut to the sports segment and Mearth and Miranda just turned and stared at each other.

"What do we do now?" He asked her.

"What I told Xu and Orwell I'd do. Find him and deal with him." She said as Holly listened to them.

"What the hell is going on Mearth? Do you know that kid?" She was getting a bit perturbed now.  

"Oh Holly dear; you don't know the half of it."  He looked back at his kid sister and wondered just how they were going to catch this little demon elder who was obviously hell bent on causing problems.  He took her hand and they headed back to the hotel with Miranda not far behind with her mind going a thousand miles a minute trying to figure out a way to catch Miele without making a scene.  She needed to warn Lola the plan she had set up looked like it may not work.  She did some mental calculations and realized if he left at eight this morning, then he was just under two hours away from Lola's place.  She needed to call her and warn her to be alert.

They arrived back at the hotel around one and finished packing, in the time they took that they explained to Holly what was going on and got her to swear not to tell a soul as they were trying to deal with this situation as quietly as possible as Miranda didn't need the government running around with guns blazing trying to kill every dark haired child who acted strange thinking it was an alien.

"I can see your point you two but don't you think getting some help would be beneficial?"

"NO!" the both chimed determined not to get anyone else involved.

"Holly dear, please understand this is my sisters first time on earth where she will remember it.  Her first time doing a mission here, something she wants to remember as a positive experience even if she's got to deal with this one problem.  Getting others involved may only complicate things and get more people than necessary hurt and this isn't something my sister would want to carry on her conscious."  He took her hands in his own and held them up to the middle of his chest.  

"Please, my dear; keep others out of it for now. It's not right to involve others who may get hurt.  We didn't bring him here but we will see that he leaves.  I just fear if you got caught in the cross fire...well I don't want to think about what would happen, I just got to meet you and I can't bear the thought of you getting hurt. So again, please; let it be. My sister and I will deal with this quickly and once it's all said and done I will let you know OK?"  He had her tucked in much closer to him now and he was looking into her eyes and Miranda swore that Mearth had her holding her breath just because she was trying to catch every word he was saying.  She watched Holly nod yes and her brother planted a kiss on her forehead  and muttered a low "Thanks." and he hugged her.  Miranda could see Holly visibly relax in his arms.  If a person could melt, it was obvious she just did then and there.

Miranda spoke breaking the silence. "Don't worry too much Holly.  I'm sure we can catch Miele, after all he looks like a ten year old, how far do you think he's going to get?"  Miranda knew how much trouble he could cause but didn't let Holly in on that info, she had enough to worry about.  They both finished up and Mearth gave Holly another hug.  

"I've got to go, but I'll be back to see you in a few days."  He let her go and Miranda could see she was trying really hard not to cry.  

"Be careful." Holly said as Miranda punched the coordinates into the remote.

"I will." Mearth said to her and right then and there Holly stole a kiss from him that would ensure he'd returned to her.  His head was left swimming when they broke apart and moments later they beamed off to Toronto Ontario to meet up with Jeanie.  He felt a squishing on one of his hearts that hurt and his breath caught in his throat as they landed in the living room of Jeanie's duplex on Palmerston Ave in Toronto Ontario.  He didn't know if it was from the transport or from the heart wrenching feeling of leaving Holly behind.  He already missed her.

Jeanie was a tad startled at their sudden appearance as she didn't expect a visit via I-28 beam but she was happy none the less.

"Mamma Mi ya! You're here!" She shouted with delight." Laughing she bustled up to Mearth and gave him a big hug.

"My goodness, why haven't you've shrunk into quite the handsome lad. I wouldn't have recognized you on the streets if you'd of walked up and bit me." She said chuckling.

"Well you wouldn't want that, you don't know where I've been." He said making jest of her comment.  They both laughed.  "Jeanine; I want you to meet my kid sister. Miranda.  Miranda this is Jeanine, she's a good friend of both mom and dad and she took care of me when I was younger."  Jeanie looked at Miranda and gushed.

"Oh my goodness, well don't you look just like your father now!" She walked up to her and then spun Miranda around.  "Mearth your sister is stunning! Your mamma never told me she grew up to be such a beauty!"  Miranda blushed at the comments.  Jeanie stopped and looked at Miranda and said, "You don't remember me do you child?"

"No mama, I'm sorry I don't." Miranda honestly had no idea who this person was other than what her mother had told her and she knew this lady had taken care of her when she was visiting earth as a child but with all her memories erased she didn't remember a thing pertaining to this person.

"Ahh don't you worry none, we'll get to know each other soon enough." She tossed an arm over Miranda's shoulder and then proceeded to do a walk through and introduction all rolled in one.  

"So, as you know; I'm Jeanie and this is my quaint little abode, and as you can see much of it is packed up for my move in two weeks time.  In which; I might add; you guys are coming with me to a wonderful city called Halifax Nova Scotia on Canada's Eastern shore." She turned and with both hands on Miranda's shoulders she looked down at the younger woman who was half her senior.  "I am pleased to be the one to help you on your adventures and if you have any concerns or questions ask me OK, Helping you two out is the least I can do for you and your brother."  

Miranda could hear Mork in her head saying "Oh Jeanie, it's fantastic to see you!" Miranda just smiled and nodded to Jeanie.

"Thanks for everything, I know my parents are appreciative of all you're doing for us."  

Jeanie chuckled, "You speak of them like they are still here.  It's still hard to believe that they are gone. I adored your parents, they taught me a lot about myself." She directed them both to the sofa so they could sit.  "Do you guys want a drink or anything?"

"No thanks" Mearth said at the same time as his sister shook her head yes.  "In actuality there Jeanie, mom and dad might be gone but apparently Miranda is very susceptible to the spirit world and can still hear dad more often than mom but she can hear him.

Jeanie looked at Mearth like he was two cents shy of a dollar, as she passed Miranda a can of soda pop.  "Oh you're kidding me; right?" She looked over at Miranda who smiled and again shook her head only this time no as she opened the beverage.  

"I can hear him, ask me anything only him or mom would know and I will tell you what he said."  Miranda needed this lady to know that she wasn't kidding and she was one hundred percent honest.

"OK, how about this.  I had a moment where I miss took something due to a letter I wrote, who was the letter to and what happened?" Jeanie knew that neither Mearth nor Miranda would know this one.

Miranda waited and heard her dad chuckle and then he filled her in on the details. 'Tell Jeanie she was such a sweet darlin' when she wrote to the newspaper's Lonely Heart's  column your mom worked for when she was younger. Smitten as she was, on me; she learned who she was and in due time she realized that my intent to make her happy was as a friend not as a partner.'

She repeated to Jeanie what he had said and Jeanie's eyes got wide.  "Oh My god! He's really with you isn't he?"  Miranda nodded and smiled.    

"Sometimes it's OK, other times I need to shake my head and give him a rattle as it seems this is where he's taken up residence."  She took a sip of her pop and enjoyed the bubbles.  

"Oh!" Jeanie said chuckling even harder than before. "I can just picture him now holding on for dear life shouting Earthquake!"

Miranda choked a bit on her drink and pop went flying from her lips. She leaned forward and caught the mess in her hands.  Coughing and laughing she said, "I can't believe you just said that cause he's DONE that! More than once I might add." She laughed harder as Jeanie passed her a Kleenex from the pack off of her coffee table.  

"Your dad was always the jokester, I don't think there ever was a time he wasn't making someone laugh."

"Yes this is true, but he had his own demons to deal with, just a shame that we never saw them as he did.  I think I'll always feel bad for not being there enough for him." Miranda said sighing.  She felt drained when she thought about the depression he dealt with.

'Oh... I'm so sorry Miputer, none of my demons were your fault. Don't you ever blame yourself, just always remember that I love you and your brother; this is the one thing I passed with knowing I got right no matter what.'  

Miranda took a deep breath and paused trying to keep the tears from falling.  One escaped and she brushed it aside.  Jeanie noticed and without a word reached out and hugged her.  

"I know it can't be easy knowing he's gone but still having him so close.  The conflict would be heart breaking I think, but at least you still have him with you."  Miranda nodded and took a deep breath, she needed to change the topic and move on forward so they could get things moving with getting settled; at least till Jeanie moved.

"I know you're getting ready to move and all but is it OK if I use your phone, I must call Lola with the new address to your new place in Halifax if that's possible so she can change the information on the building for us.  I want tenants to be able to contact us when they need to."  

"OH! Yes! Sure, the phone is over there." She pointed to a corner where a desk was situated.  "There's a small stand with a cordless phone on it.  I'm not too sure how familiar you are with the modern progression here, but if you have questions ask OK. I'll do my best to help."  Jeanie got up from her seat and took her glass back to the kitchen as Miranda stood and retrieved the phone.  


Lola answered the phone.  "Hello."

"Hi Lola, it' Miranda, figured I'd give you a quick call and let you know that Miele is on his way he should show up about supper time, which is in about an hour's time based on your local time, that is if he's actually heading your way, we learned he's on a commercial service bus."  

"Where are you guys at?" She asked. She didn't seem all that concerned about Miele showing up and it sounded like she was pretty relaxed about it all.

"We're in Toronto at Jeanie's." She said, "Why?"

"I was just curious that's all.  I was actually expecting to hear from you earlier.  This machine you gave me; I have a question about it that does concern me. Will it affect you or your brother if you come within range of it after I program it like you showed me?"  She was genuinely concerned in that factor and Miranda could hear it in her voice.  

"Yes but it takes about five to fifteen minutes for it to have an effect on me, Mearth on the other hand is more susceptible to it than I am, so it effects him faster."

"OH, OK; well then it's probably a good idea you guys don't come here anytime soon, I already programmed it to go to one hundred years and I'm sure Miele will end up being a squalling infant on my door step if he gets too close."  

Miranda chuckled.  "OK well if we're heading in that direction I'll call first to warn you, this way we won't have to worry about turning into bawling babies on your door step and you can turn off the machine."  They both chuckled and agreed she'd call Miranda if Miele showed.  

Miranda knew she'd put Miele into the dog kennel she had in her home with a lock if he did show.  This would give Miranda enough time to pop over, zap him with a transporter beam and then have him off on one of the satellites in stasis.  She did how ever find it odd that Lola wanted to know this info as she had outlined it before when she explained the device to her the first time.  
'Maybe she forgot.' Her father chimed in.  "Possibly." She muttered to herself.


Lola lowered the phone and turned around.  She tried to fight the urge to sit down but she wasn't able to since her legs were so weak.  She looked over at her guest and realized that she was quite possibly very foolish for a smart woman.  Miranda had no idea the trouble she'd gotten herself into and there was no way she could alert her.  

Miele held onto the aging machine that Miranda had given Lola to use against him.  A very cunning trap he thought to himself, but he was smarter and he'd used a ploy to get close to Lola when she went outside to get the mail and hit her with a control tab. A small device that stuck to her arm that Miele put on her when he had touched her.  A small box he had was what controlled her along with mind suggestions.  Lola was still wondering how he managed to get to her place an hour ahead of schedule.  Inside she screamed and fought with all her might against the device stuck to her arm.  

"No use in fighting my dear woman." He smirked. "As for how I made it here so quickly, you all assume I left on a normal run from the depot. Thing is I left at six forty-five this morning. On a milk run as Darren said it was... That fool didn't know what hit him." Miele couldn't help but brag about the man he killed. He walked over to Lola. "I shall have lots of fun playing with you to, this machine may come in handy after all...
Mmm... I love how I can turn my innocent and child like looking "baddies" into something so demonic that almost anyone would want to shoot them but would be like...but; it's a kid!  
So I'm sick... pneumonia. I'm NOT happy about this since I JUST started school and I'm already missing time due to being sick. My head is about to explode and then... DA decides to have a effin brain fart. I tried for six effin hours to upload chapter 14 to my Generation Ork story and FINALLY managed to do so but can't edit any mistakes till Da fixes the BS for the uploads. *it apparently is only affecting the text options not images as those work.* 

Either way those of you who read my G.O. Story go

here >>>…

and check it out :)  Enjoy and if you see spelling mistakes please tell me where it's at and I will 
correct it when I actually get the chance to (when DA fixes the BS anyway) 

So I'm sick... pneumonia. I'm NOT happy about this since I JUST started school and I'm already missing time due to being sick. My head is about to explode and then... DA decides to have a effin brain fart. I tried for six effin hours to upload chapter 14 to my Generation Ork story and FINALLY managed to do so but can't edit any mistakes till Da fixes the BS for the uploads. *it apparently is only affecting the text options not images as those work.* 

Either way those of you who read my G.O. Story go

here >>>…

and check it out :)  Enjoy and if you see spelling mistakes please tell me where it's at and I will 
correct it when I actually get the chance to (when DA fixes the BS anyway) 



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