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Chapter 13
Generation Ork: Unwanted trouble

A manifested  shimmer of the area; like that of glitter in a jar; the eye catching amusement of twinkling lights and swaying grass blades made Miranda realize that she was dreaming. The surroundings were surreal and yet felt authentic.  The field where she found herself was alive, it was then she noticed someone whom she was sure was her mother.

"Mama?"  she said.  Not everything in the dream world was as it seemed, so calling out to her seemed to be the best thing to do to ensure it was her. Nightmares were not her favorite thing and she wasn't going to chance it.

"Yes Miranda." her mother replied as she turned around to greet her daughter.

"Oh mamma!" Miranda said as she ran up to join her.  "I miss you. " She hugged her mother tight.  Talking to her briefly earlier that day just wasn't enough, she missed her horribly; these dreams were always Miranda's favorites.    
" I miss you to." Mindy touched her cheek and smiled with tears straining to escape from her eyes.
" How are you and dad doing?" She paused, "Speaking of dad where is he?" Miranda was curious, usually her father was always with her mother.

Mindy looked around; and shrugged her shoulders.  " I'm really not too sure.  He's usually not too far." Both of them are confused about why Mork wasn't around, but not too concerned as they knew he'd turn up sooner or later.
Miranda started to walk with her mother.  Looking around she noticed that the field was the same as before.  " Was I here before when I was a child?" Miranda asked her mother.
" Yes we were here not long after your Grandmother Cora passed away.  This field is not too far from our old place in Bolder Colorado.  We use the love to come here.  Your dad's favorite thing was to fly kites. "  Miranda remember the bird like creature her parents would run in front of on the ground while it floated in the air above them.  "The memories we made here were something we all  treasured.  Problem is we had to take yours away." Mindy sighed with a tinge of guilt, she felt she owed her daughter an explanation.
" I'm truly sorry about that. I really didn't want to, but Miele didn't give us much of a choice.  I honestly believed he would hurt you if he had of had the chance.  There's just so much to worry about, and your father learning about your ability was a huge discovery that the old council wanted to exploit.  I wouldn't allow it and your father was terrified they'd take you from us.  They tried but we managed to keep them at bay with the agreement to erase your memories."
"Ahh, mamma it's OK; I understand you did your best for me; dad also explained a lot as well." She took her mother's hand, a continued walking with her through the field.  Looking around she noticed songbirds, butterflies, and small animals.  It was beautiful here.  Miranda missed the memories that had been taken from her but appreciated that her mother was trying to return the memories to her in the best way she knew how considering she wasn't with them physically anymore.   She decided to keep to positive things and let her mom know about their plans.

"We call Jeanie this afternoon.  She agreed to help us out, but she's going to be moving from Toronto not too long after we get there;  She's heading to a place called Halifax in a new area called Nova Scotia Canada; for a new job.  We will have to go with her when she moves, but it shouldn't be too difficult, the president said he would help us in any way that we required.  I believe this includes means to travel to a different country. We only need to keep our true identity on the down low as requested.  The President is worried about panic or people trying to cause us harm."
" I sure hope so it would make things much easier for you both. I also understand his concern. Your dad and I agree, It's wonderful to be smart but be careful who you let know just how wonderfully brilliant you are, some will take advantage of that."  Her mother said as they walked up onto Mork who was knelt down in the grass.
Mork turned around with big smile on his face.  He was holding something in his hands.  " I have something for you miputer."  His gleeful and child like giggle catching in the air.  He opened his hands in front of his daughter and a beautiful shiny blue butterfly walked out onto his fingertips.  Miranda gasped, it was as blue as both her and her father's eyes.  She stuck out her finger and the butterfly walked onto her finger.  She beamed, her dad always had a way to make her smile.  She watched as the butterfly fluttered away lazily on the breeze.
" Thank you daddy, that was beautiful." She reached over and gave him a hug.  She always enjoyed how excited her father would get at making her smile.  It was always a little things that she can do to make his day so much better when she knew he had a battle he was fighting in his head.
" You're welcome miputer."  He had a wistful look on his face.  "What'd wrong?"  Miranda asked him.

"I don't know princess, I just know I need you to be careful.  Promise; Ok?"

"I will." She gave his hand a squeeze.

Miranda hugged them both and the field shimmered, wavered and faded like colored paper bleached by the sun.  The light left was the only thing she could see, she squinted and realized she was awake in her room with the sunlight streaming right on her face.  She raised her hand and blocked the light.  Groaning she sat up; rubbed the sleep from her eyes and looked around and remembered where she was.  She looked over at the clock.  It was eight thirty in the morning.   She enjoyed her dream visits with her parents; she however didn't like their endings, there was never enough time to enjoy herself and questions always went unanswered.  She tried to stir her dad up with a mental thought but the connection was eerily quiet.
She pattered quietly from her room into the main part of the suite.  She walked to the wide window in the sitting area and noticed there was a platform off the window.  She pushed back the draping from the window only to see it had handles, so she turned them.  The patio doors opened.  Miranda had no idea what they were but was greeted with a stunning view of the city before her, overlooking a local park.  The fall flowers and leaves showed in yellows, oranges and reds.  Brilliant daubs of color across the city like a painters pallet.  Dogs were walking with their owners and people were flying kites, and driving on wheeled items she'd never seen before.   She heard a noise behind her and looked and saw her brother come out with a towel on his head.  He'd been in the shower and smiled when he saw his sister out on the patio.  

"Breath taking isn't it?" He asked her.  

"Simply amazing."  She replied. "This place is getting more and more intriguing as I see more of it."

Mearth walked over to his little sister and threw an arm over her shoulder.  "This place is wonderful sis, but always remember as wonderful as it is and can be there are things out there that are very ugly, strange and scary.  We just need to pay attention to the tell tale signs that either give away the dangers to come or in your case you keep your mind open and read all you can."

"A splendid idea," She replied. "I had planned on doing that anyway." She chuckled.  Then remembered she had to tell him about the most recent break through with their parents.

"I have some exciting news for you."

"Oh? Is Holly coming back?" His eyes lit up, his eagerness to spend more time with her quite obvious and even though she was about to bust his bubble on that aspect he was still none the less happy to hear her news.

"I was able to speak to mom through dad yesterday!" She waited to see what he'd say.

"Seriously?" He grabbed her shoulders.  "You really spoke to her? Is she OK?"

"Of course silly. She's fine and yes.  Dad figured she could plug into his ear like she did when she spoke to Orson." She smiled at the thought yet again as it was quite amusing to her.  "I told her of our plans and she's happy to know Jeanie is helping us, Dad on the other hand gave me some odd, almost ominous advice to just be careful.  He even made me promise.  I think he's picked up on something I missed and it's got me worried."  She turned to walk back into the suite her brother following behind her.  

"It just might be dad's former demons making his head a mess.  He may be gone but I'm not too sure if his affliction would go with him.  If anything I think it would be enhanced in the spiritual world.  She watched as her brother pondered the possibilities.  

"Who knows for sure. I won't be simple and ignore his request.  Too often he predicted things when he was still with us and they'd happen.  It was always weird, but no one ever questioned it.  I won't this time either." She walked over to the phone to call out for their morning meal but didn't even manage to lay her hand on the receiver when it rang startling her and making her cuss.

"Fokenzitz!" She replied sharply as she jumped and pulled her hand away from the phone.
Mearth laughed and shook his head.  He reached past her and picked it up. Miranda in that instance realized she wasn't chastised for her choice of words.  This made her worry and put her on edge.

"Hello?" He cradled the receiver onto his shoulder as he slid past his sister and leaned against the table the phone was perched on.  She noticed he smiled wider and he had this mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"We'd LOVE to." He said, "Sure we'll be down in about fifteen minutes, OK?"

"Sure thing. Bye."  He laid the phone back into the cradle and took a deep breath.

"Holly is taking us out for breakfast as soon as you're dressed we can go." He held onto the towel that had been forgotten on his shoulders earlier and again rubbed his hair.  "We have about fifteen minutes so get a move on."  He walked back towards the room he was using and shut the door.
'Well that was short lived.' Miranda thought as she walked back to her room.  She had automatically  assumed it was Holly just from the look on his face but she didn't expect a morning run with this lady who seemed to have a thing for her big brother.  She liked Holly but she still didn't quite trust her or anyone for that matter, not just quite yet.  
Her dad's favorite color was always red or blue, so today she chose to dawn a red sweater that use to belong to her mother along with a nice pair of brown dress pants.  She found her mother's fall boots and slipped them onto her feet as well and was very happy to see they fit her quite well.  'Thanks Mamma.' She said mentally hoping her dad would pass on the message.  The connection was still very quiet.

Holly knocked on the door not too long after she had gotten dressed, she was surprised her brother wasn't already ready considering how smitten he was with this seemingly nice lady.  

"Hold on a moment, I'll get my brother to get a move on."  She walked to his room and rapped on the door. "Oh Mearth, your date is here."  He came out red as a beet and a bit miffed at his sister but he held his cool and walked over to Holly and gave her a tiny kiss on her cheek to greet her.  Miranda was stunned at his poise after she teased him but was also very impressed as well.

"Shall we carry on?"  Holly asked the siblings.

"Carry?" Mearth inquired. "I thought we were walking, you didn't say anything about carrying anyone."

Holly busted a gut with joyous laughter.  "Oh Mearth you doll! I love your sense of humor!" He was a confused but happy and she slipped her arm around his own and let him down the hall from their suite.
Miranda grabbed the key as they left.  She shut the door and ensured it was locked and followed her brother and Holly down the hall.  They exited the hotel and started to walk up the street; enjoying the scenery as they headed to their destination.
Holly directed them to a small quaint restaurant tucked off the main road.  The smells wafting through the air was enough to make everyone's stomach growl.  " Oh gosh I'm starving!" Mearth said.
" Me too!" Miranda stated.
" Good, you guys should love the food here." Holly said beaming as she ushered them into the building.  

Mearth and Miranda looked around the establishing and rather enjoyed the quaint view.  They stood on the top part of the entrances platform which had steps descending on to the main floor.  The cozy area had a great deal of small tables decked out with olive colored tablecloths.  Each table had a small candle in the center and two or more chairs accompanying each intimate spot.  There was soft music playing in the background.  A robust rounded man with a bushy mustache and greeted them.
" Ahh, Holly. you are here!  Good morning!  Good morning!" He bustled them over to a spot with four chairs.  "Come!  Come!  Sit, eat, enjoy!" Said the gentleman with the heavy Italian accent.  " what will it be this morning?"
" I'm not too sure Leo, can you guess the menus; this way my friends and I can take a gander at what you have.  They are new around here and unfamiliar with some of our meals."
" Ahh, Si!  Si!" Leo hurried off to retrieve the menus.
" My; I've never have been to and establish like this before." Said Mearth as he looked around.  "Not even when I was younger; we never traveled very far from home when we lived in Bolder Colorado."
Holly listened to what Mearth was saying with intrigue, she knew she would never have this type of opportunity ever again.  Miranda did not know how to take this young lady's interest in her brother.  She was concerned but she didn't want to interfere either.  She figured it was safer to just watch how things panned out and only intercept when the necessary.  She only hoped her brother wasn't going to get hurt.
Miranda picked up the menu that Leo brought to her.  He smiled at her and he clasped his hands together in anticipation of meeting Holly's new friends.
" Are you ready to order?" He asked, his excitement bubbling over into his shining eyes.  Miranda actually felt comfortable around this man; he sort of reminded her of her own father.  He had a childlike quality about him.  This made her smile.

Holly looked over the menu and pointed to a few things that she felt Miranda would enjoy and suggested that they try some.  Miranda nodded and folded the card stocked list and listened to Holly as she placed their order.  Once she was done, she started what her father called small talk, trying to learn a few things about her charges.

"So Mearth, does  your race really age backwards?"  She found the concept not only mind boggling but a tad concerning to.  

"Well Orkians do. I am; however; half of both races. Earkin as we're called. Our aging processes vary and we can either age like a human or an Orkian." He had to ensure she understood the distinction.  "I personally age like an Orkan; my sister however ages like a human."

"Doesn't that bother you?" She asked, genuinely concerned for his well being.  "I mean when you're young you're appearance is of an older person, if you had of wandered off as a child someone could have mistaken you as senile and put you into a home right?"  Mearth nodded confirming her concerns.  "So what happens when you age to say eighty and look like a ten year old.  Aren't you concerned someone may call child protection and have you placed into a protective home?"

Mearth chuckled.  "By all means!" He shook his head. "If I was taken into a earth facility that places a child into a new home, it would be a blessing in disguise and amusingly confusing for the parents who'd end up with me as they would see me regress."  He placed his hand under his chin and leaned on it. "Can you imagine something like this happening, how perplexing it would be for the family."

"I suppose you have a point.  I assume they'd take you to a doctor to find out what was going on."  Mearth nodded in agreement yet again.  

"It would be then they'd learn I wasn't human as I have three hearts. "

"Wow." Holly said "Three? really?"        

He smiled at her amazement and  picked up her hand and placed it to his right side.  She felt the strong thump of his heart where his lung should be.

"But how do you breath?" She asked confused and impressed at the same time.  "And where are the other two?"

"Our lungs are smaller but can process oxygen and other compounds found in the air much better than most humans.  I can breathe any atmosphere with a higher amount of nitrogen, sulfur or carbon dioxide; and of course oxygen, as for my other hearts, one is located closer to my back and the other one is in a spot I won't place your hand because we'll be both embarrassed if I do." He chuckled as she playfully slapped his arm.
" Well what about your sister?" Holly asked.
" Sissy's physiology is similar to my own, only different is she only has one heart; she ages differently and she has differed abilities than my own.  We're still learning about our own genetic makeup.  This is why we have to be close to Jeanie and she is the only Dr. who has vast knowledge of our genetic makeup."

"What about your parents?" She asked, "I know they are both gone now, but tell me some things about them; you must miss them terribly."  She reached over and placed her hand on Mearth's.

"Yeah we do, Miranda was always really close to dad.  She even looks like him a bit." He looked at his sister and smiled.  Miranda thought he looked like their father more than she did and chuckled and interjected.

"My brother joshes, He looks very much like dad! I look a bit like both my parents."  She smiled yet again as Leo approached their table and placed down a few mugs with steaming dark liquid in it.

"Mom was a journalist for many years and then a writer.  She became an activist on Ork and helped with the removal of the "Emotional wall." Mearth reached over and picked up a small container and shook white powder into his black liquid and then added some milk. He stirred his concoction and took a sip.

"Mmmm, just how I remember it." He said.  His sister wasn't too sure what this dark stuff was but it smelled good.  She did what she watched her brother do and then took a sip and was greeted with a warm yet sweetly bitter taste that made her taste buds dance.

"Oh! How delightful!" She said after she swallowed. "What is this?" She asked Holly. Her brother jumped in before she could answer and replied with "Magic." his face as straight as a board.

"Magic?" She asked Holly didn't respond she wanted to hear what he was going to say, she'd never heard if it being called magic before.

"Yes, Magic.  It turns zombified people into functioning adults." He said with a smirk.  

"Oh Mearth!" Holly said with a groan.  She looked at Miranda and said, "It's called coffee and it comes in a bunch of different flavors."  

"Oh! Well it's very good. I like it." Miranda lifted her mug again, mocked a cheers and took another drink.  She finished her first mug just as their food arrived.  Waffles and syrup with an assortment of fruit were their morning treat.  Miranda devoured her meal with gusto, never in her life could she imagine that earth food, as disgusting as much of it looked could taste so divine.  She had finished when she got the buzzing noise in her head.  

"Orwell calling Miranda! Come in Sergeant!"  She heard him loud and clear so connected as required.

"I'm here sir!" She waited for him to state why he was contacting her, but she assumed it was for the decent they'd make to purchase the items they needed to build more computers so Reach could continue with the project he was taking on.  

"Miele escaped." The two words Miranda didn't want to hear.  She gasped and then she heard both her parents "WHAT!?" All three of them were now in her head talking to Orwell who was confused to say the least.

"Who else is here?" He asked.

"Sorry sir. My parents Mork and Mindy." She made the introductions and waited to see what he'd say.

"Well this is an engaging situation if I do say so myself.  Good Day Chief McConnell, I hope the afterlife sees you well." He spoke to her father like he was on a long term vacation.

"Commander." Mork replied.  "What is this about Miele escaping? How the hell was this even possible?" Miranda could hear the venom in her father's calm voice and she was scared and he wasn't even alive to DO anything.  

"Security isn't too sure how he managed to get out, there's a possibility he had help but again we're not sure and have no proof at this time. " Orwell then focused on Miranda.  "He landed on earth about four hours ago.  His last known trajectory gives us a plausible landing point, but it could be off as much as thirty miles. Miranda you need to be careful.  If you come into contact with him you have the open orders to eliminate him if you deem it necessary."  She waited to see what else was going to be said.

"The President mustn't know of this.  It would just cause mass panic and it's not something that is necessary as Miele isn't a threat to anyone but you and I believe you're capable of dealing with him."
Orwell had more faith in her than she felt.

"You're not going to do anything to protect her?" Mork and Mindy both asked at the same time.  
'Great, surround sound parents!' She thought out loud.  "I can protect myself." She stated with indignation, her parents needed to believe in that more now than anything since neither of them could really do anything about it.  They realized she was getting upset with them and quieted down.

"Sir I will do my duty as I am required, I will continue on with the mission I took on and if I come across Miele I will deal with that situation when it arises.  I must return to my company before they miss me."
She bowed and tweaked her ears.
"Nanu-Nanu!" she signed off and returned to her table.  She realized she had two sets of eyes staring at her.

'You OK sis?" Mearth asked his sister.

"Oh! Yes, I'm fine" She replied

"Ok, it's just you were staring off into outer space for a moment."  Mearth was a bit worried but all she needed to do was clear up her brothers concerns and that was easy enough.

"I was talking to Orwell, he paged me."  

"Oh OK! I was wondering what was going on I thought you might be going through another one of your fainting spells."

"I do not faint. I passed out from exhaustion." She clarified. She looked around and realized she needed to get back to her room she wanted to get more precise information on where Miele landed and just where about he'd be heading.  

"We need to return to our room, Orwell and Reach will be joining us shortly for their purchase trip and I must escort them.  You can either join us or stay with Holly if you wish." She needed to return to the room and this was the quickest way she could do it and she hated to exclude information from her brother but she needed to get to work quickly before Miele caused any problems.  

"We'll head back now if you're commanding officer needs you." Holly said raising her hand and making Leo rush over to them.

"The food was divine Leo, excellent job as usual. My friends loved every bite" The siblings both nodded in agreement and she got the check from him and he walked away beaming.  "All he needs is a compliment and he's happy for the day." She said chuckling as she walked to the cash register to pay for their order.

"Do you have enough mazuma?" Mearth asked Holly.  Holly looked at him confused and asked, "What's that?" as she passed her card to Leo and he pressed buttons on a small box.

"Currency." He stated.  

"OH! Yes, I do thanks for asking." She was learning something new all the time.  "Here it's called Money, and we don't carry it on us, we keep it in a bank. We can take it out with a special card." She showed him hers once she was done.

Miranda noticed and said, "I watched this on a video mom had done. I know how those work Mearth if you want to learn about them later."

"Sure." He was quite pleased his sister learned so much even though he'd been here way more often then she had, things had changed and he too had much to learn and catch up on.

They left the restaurant and headed back to their hotel.

Meanwhile:  Miele stepped out of his egg pod he'd hijacked and looked around the area he landed.  He had aimed for Colorado City hoping to make it to Boulder; the place he knew Mindy and Mork use to live not realizing he had aimed too far to the left of the map and landed a full state away from his intended target.
OK So last night... while speaking out chapter 13 I took a break and was contemplating changing a line (I did later on) but it was along the lines of  "a horrifying sound" anyway... my mic WAS down low as the jack is down at floor level as my computer in on the floor and the stupid jack is in the front on the bottom of my computer... so any who...

I stopped and the mic is still "Listening" ... well my guts decided to get back at my gluttony earlier that evening and 
I let out a massive and quite vocal toot... and my computer types What was that? 

I damn nearly lost it laughing! 
I think I scared it! ROFLMFAO! 
Generation Ork   Dictionary of Orkan language and terminology.

This is just a rough list of words so far that I have. I will update it and add to it and notify my readers each time something new is added.  If you have questions feel free to message me or post here OR if you want, YOU as one of my readers can even event a word of your own ADD it in comments, give a description on what it is and if I need this item in the near future I will use it in my story! :) and give you credit for it as well!

Beems:  Day
Bleem(s):  Year (s)
Bezubbles:  An odd Orkian creature that's chronically confused.  This term also means Bejeebers/heck/blue blazes in earth slang.

Crimlock:  asshole/jerk
Cribitz:  To pull someone's leg.

Dard:  Splendid/Wonderful
Dewdropper:  Lazy/Slacker
Dolberd:  Crap/Shit/poop

Earkin:  A newly coined term for Half Orkan and Half Earthling/Human.
Egg:  Good breed/Well to do

Frizbit:  Is a land animal similar to a earth cow.  They are usually yellow in color. They produce a pinkish hued liquid as well similar to milk called nalo.
Flech New:  Break is over
Flookie:  A hand shaped camera.
Fizzle bend: A type of stretchy elastic like grass.
Fokenzitz:  Fucker

Giggle Juice:  Ginger ale/Booze/Alcohol
Grindle:  A minute
Griblage:  Break

Isba:  Are you OK?

Jorun:  Swig/drink

Lovelings:  lovers or partners
Mintaou:  Spicy meat that swells when chewed.
Mazine:  Everybody everywhere - A food court
Micro Bleem:  Month
Mazuma:  Money/Cash

Nano Bleem:  Week
Necce/Hunna:   Good
Neph: No
Nalo: Similar to earth milk only it's pinkish in color.
Nimnul:  Idiot/Fool

Plerm:  Piece of shit
Pictophone: A wireless phoning system in Ork that uses images.  There are no buttons to dial. Orkians THINK the numbers.  (This can also be done with human phones as well)
Patots:  A horned lizard with eyes like green grapes.
Raqi:  An Orkan dish made of meat with sauce and Orkan vegetables.  The meat is and is orange in color when raw and turns brownish when cooked. The vegetables consist of Anuu which looks similar to broccoli only it’s purple and Platee a green carrot like root vegetable, there is also slivers of silver leaf which go clear when cooked and are a spice that taste like earth onions.  
Ratta:  A small carnivorous creature similar to earth’s rabbits, just more dangerous, it is used in many Orkian meals and is snared as shooting this creature makes them explode. The meat is orangeish in color and darkens when it's cooked.  

Splot:  A purple like pony sized long neck lizard/dinosaur.
Saatee:  Small fibrous sweet pellets that are milled from Sate stalks. Looks like yellow rice/couscous. When cooked in liquid it expands and darkens in color.
Sheba:  Girlfriend or sexy lady
Spifflicated:  Drunk or inebriated
Shazbot:  Dammit/Shit or fuck
Splinking:  A joke/lie
Shalamoota:   Tramp/whore

Werbal:  Sweetheart/Stand up person

Zazbot:  Crazy/nuts
Zoze:  Standard
Orkan Dictionary of Orkan language and terminology
This will be updated A LOT! 
Check back each chance you see it's been updated it you read the story. 
It will help you a great deal. 

READERS are permitted to suggest Alien words/phrases or items 
give a description on what it is, does or means and if I need it 
I will add it to the story and give credit to the user who suggested it. :) 

Happy reading. If you have question PLEASE ask. 
Well time for a shower then off to bed. Early day tomorrow. 1st full day back in classes. :) I can`t wait to be back to school <3
Chapter 12 - New things  Same old rules.

The call to Jeanie went very well and Mearth was excited to be speaking to her again as it had been a great deal of years.  Miranda didn't remember Jeanie but Jeanie remembered her from all the visits that she had made with her parents.  Mearth cleared up that Miranda had some of her memories erased and Jeanie was disappointed to learn this but said she may be able to help Miranda with those issues as she learned a lot from Mindy about memory retrieval and much more about Orkan health.  

When they explained their predicament with a place to live and other aspects they were facing.  Jeanie said they were more than welcomed to join her but that she was moving from Toronto to Halifax for a larger job at a children's hospital.  When they both agreed Jeanine said she'd call them back later if they wanted to work out details.  Mearth and Miranda agreed and ended their call on a happy note.  One issue down only one main one left to go.

Holly was beyond excited to be the liaison for Miranda and Mearth and her thoughts were flying seven thousand miles an hour in her head; yet she kept an amazing composure of herself and Mork just chuckled as he ease dropped in on her thoughts to.  "I never realized how handy your ability was till now Miputer.  Fascinating."

'Daddy, leave the poor woman alone, I think this is the nicest one we've met so far.' She shook her head and successfully rattled him causing him to mutter... 'EARTHQUAKE!' in a squeaky munchkin kinda voice he use to use on her when she was little.

They were lead to a waiting car and drove for a short while and came upon a fair sized hotel.  Holly directed them to the front desk and spoke to a person at the front desk.  A card was handed to her and she passed it to Miranda and then directed them to follow her yet again.  They entered an elevator and got off on the fourth floor and headed down the hall.  When they made it to a door marked 63. Holly took the card and showed Miranda how it worked.  She opened the door into a very fancy room that made both Miranda and Mearth gasp.

"Here's your quarters for the evening.  If you require anything please just call me." She passed Mearth a card and then left.  He looked at the card and read it over.  He walked over to the phone and placed the card beside it.  He turned around to see his sister staring with wide eyes at the room and he smiled.  She'd never seen some of the fancier things humans liked and watching the awe roll off of her was quite the experience.  

"I take it you find this amazing?" He said to his sister as he walked over to her and draped his arm over her shoulder.  

"Amazing, I'm dumbstruck!" The whole room was done in a light pale cream coloring, the furniture was dark wood throughout, except for the couch which was in a deep chocolate colored leather.  The main windows faced out onto a court yard and she noticed there was separate rooms and when she entered the bathroom the washing facilities were huge.  She'd never seen an earth shower but it was as big as her bedroom on Egg-zodus and it had benches.  

"You could play baseball in here!" She heard her father say.  

'Daddy, stupid question... can you see everything I see?' Miranda now felt uncomfortable around her own dad who was stuck in her head and a spirit, now she felt weird to.

'Nope not all the time.  Seems to me if you find something important to you, and you choose to tune me in or out I can see some things other times I just hear you, I guess it's also depending; I suppose on your mood to.  I'm not sure how you do it but I can see things only when you want me to. Why?'  

'Sorry dad.  Embarrassment made me ask.'

'Embarrassment? or wondering about your bare ass?' He chuckled when she yelled at him.

'DADDY!!! GAWD!' Mortified a bit by her dad's silly joke she was about to shake her head again when he piped up.  'I'm sorry Miputer.  I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, just teasing a bit, besides your tush isn't something I'm inclined to peek at; I seen enough of it streaking down our halls when you were little'  She could hear the puppy dog whine and merriment all at the same time in his voice and in her memory she could see him pulling the look off.  

'I love you' He said, and like that she heard a wistful sigh.  If she could hug him right then and there she would and never let him go.  She missed him so much and she was glad to hear that and just muttered "OK" out loud.  

He was quiet again and she suspected that it was because he either knew he had upset her or because she was tuning him out but didn't quite know how she was doing it.  She wandered around the suite and asked her brother a ton of questions.  Some he was familiar with others not so much but he did tell her that he knew she could look on line for information because this is what he was told a few years ago on his last visit.  She was confused with this concept and asked what it was.  Mearth didn't know a hundred percent  so he did what Holly told him to do; he walked over to the phone and called her.

Holly was thrilled at being called by the alien man they called Mearth and when he asked her to come help them find information on line; she jumped to the opportunity.

"I'll be over in about fifteen minutes.  Order some food from room service and I'll help you find whatever it is you're looking for OK."  

Mearth liked this Holly lady and said OK and hung up.  "She said she will help, I just need to order food from something called room service." another concept that confused him.  

"What is it?" She asked.  

"I have NO idea." He said laughing.

"I do." She heard his voice again and smiled and stated out loud. "Dad does."

"Oh thank Orson!" Mearth said with a grateful sigh, "What do I do?"

With her father's spiritual guidance she managed to walk Mearth though the actual fairly easy task of ordering food.  Her father told her what to order as he knew she'd be inclined to try them as the items he picked were similar to Orkan food she was brought up on; most just were a different color or looked different in general but smelled the same as many things she'd had before.  Mearth however was use to many of the items that were being brought to their room.  
Holly knocked just as the food arrived and she told the waiter she'd take it in.  She wheeled the cart through the door when the very cute Alien man opened it.  She smiled as she presented their meal.

"This is quite the spread you've picked for yourself, are you use to earth food?" She asked Mearth.

"Oh yeah I am, my sister isn't even though she's half like myself. She was raised on Ork for most of her life and only visited here a few times.  She doesn't remember her visits though."  He grabbed a plate and started to add food while Miranda looked at the items on the trolley.

"My parents left videos on what I could eat here." Miranda said as she took a utensil from the trolley and poked round orbs that looked like green eyes.  She was confused on their appearance but in her head she heard her dad say, 'Try it Miranda, your mother says so!'

"Well this must be quite the experience for you then." Holly scooped up one of the green eyes that Miranda had poked and popped it into her mouth and crunched on it.  Miranda's eyes got wide.
Holly noticed and chuckled realizing that Miranda had no idea what she was eating.  "Oh, look it's safe. Try one they are called grapes."  She put one in Miranda's hand.

It was cold and wet.  She stared at it and thought;  'Goodness! This looks revolting!'  She decided to do as she was told and popped it into her mouth and bit down.  The cold juice from the grape popped into her mouth and she was startled at the burst of flavor.  Her eyes got big as she chewed. The texture she wasn't too keen on but the flavor was mind blowing.  She smiled.  "They look revolting; like Patot's eyes; but damn these are good!"

Mearth and Holly both chuckled at her reaction and then Holly looked at Mearth and asked.  "What's a Patot?"  

"Oh! Yeah, those are really odd looking lizard creatures we have on Ork. Sissy is right, the grapes do look like their eyes."

"Do you have pictures of these creatures?" Holly asked absolutely fascinated by the concept of other odd looking creatures who eyes resembled earth fruit.

"Yeah I think we might.  If you want I can show you later on." Mearth was starting to like this lady, she was genuine in his eyes and she showed interest in what he and his sister were doing.  

"We need help to track down information and I recall being told you can find anything on line.  I just don't remember just how to go about doing that except I remember a telephone line going to the computer and I don't think we have one of those."

Holly chuckled and looked around.  "Where's your computer?"  

"In my bag." Miranda said as she walked over to it and unzipped it.  She slid her computer out of it and passed it to Holly.  She watched as Holly walked over to the desk and opened the lid to her laptop and turn it on.  

"Now days computers don't need a wire to make them run on line anymore.  Years ago it was called dial-up and now we have wireless."  She clicked on the start menu and accessed the computers wireless card, typed in an access code and then clicked on an icon on the main screen that  looked like a red flame with water around it.

"This is called a browser,  the one we're using is Firefox but there are others.  Who set this computer up for you?" She was curious as it looked like the previous history showed that it had been hooked up to the internet before, yet these two had no idea how to use it.

"My dad did about three years ago." Mearth said as he watched her skim through the computer.  He was intent on seeing what she was doing and asked a few questions as she updated the machine which was in sever need of it.

"What are you doing?" Miranda asked as she ambled over

"Updating your operating system, that's what runs the computer, it needed it since it doesn't look like it's been on line for at least two years."  

"Oh, I didn't know it needed that."  She walked back to the trolley for more food.  She picked up a small cheese block and popped it into her mouth.  This she remember from off the ship and it was something she rather enjoyed.  She listened absently to Mearth and Holly talking about the computer as she looked over the rest of the food.  Her dad had told her to order a bunch of different things.   She looked at the wet dark pink slices of fruit her father told her was called watermelon.  'WHO in the world named this weird stuff water melon?' she thought, 'It's not even clear or blue.'  She sniffed it and wrinkled her nose, 'MIRANDA!'  She jumped; startled; as the piece she hand went flying in the air.  She fumbled and caught the piece before it hit the floor.  Holly and Mearth turned to look at her both confused.  Miranda felt the heat in her face.  "Sorry, I thought I heard something."  Mearth knew she had heard their dad, and he must have startled her for her to jump so he just let it go and went back to asking Holly questions.

'DADDY! That wasn't funny!' She yelled in her head, she even thought of a foot stamp.  'I'm going to shake my head till you fall out if you do that again!'

'Then Miranda Beth don't play with your food. Eat it.!' Miranda gasped, covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom, tears in her eyes.  That wasn't her dad at all, that was MOM!

"Mom?" She said shakily as she got into the bathroom and closed the door.

'Yes.'  Mindy's voice was loud and clear.
She asked again out loud, "But how?  You couldn't before!"

'I plugged into his ear.' Miranda could hear the exasperation in her mother's voice and yet she still chuckled at the idea of her mother with her finger stuffed in her dad's ear like she use to when she had to speak to Orson to.  

'Mom I am so very happy to hear you but can you PLEASE stop scaring the shazbot outta me!'  Miranda said silently in her head with a sigh, she had about enough of her nerves being tested.  

'Then eat what's put in front of you.  You can't make a judgement without trying it at least once.' Mindy was firm with her daughter and Miranda knew that if her mom was still with them she'd have been sitting at a table till she finished everything she'd been served.  She smiled. "OK" she said out loud.  She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath.  

"Are you and dad OK?" She asked as she stared out the bathroom window, taking shallow breaths, still so very happy to hear her mom's voice after losing her so soon.  

'We're fine sweetie.'  Miranda could hear how much her mom missed her just from her tone.  

"I miss you mom."  

'I miss you to hun. Your dad's ear is getting gross and I must go.  Be safe OK, and eat your food!' Next thing Miranda knew her father was back with her talking.

'Wow, I never in a million bleems thought that would work. Oh your mother said she loves you.'  Miranda smiled.

"Thanks dad! I'm glad you figured it out." Miranda sighed and headed out of the bathroom.  She felt better now and she hoped her exit didn't alarm Mearth.

She spotted Mearth and Holly sitting side by side and looking intently on her computer.  She went back to the trolley and put some food onto a plate and joined them eating what she put on it even if it looked weird or smelt funny.  She didn't need to have the dolberd scared out of her.

"So what have you found so far?" She asked.  Mearth looked at her, she could see the questions in his eyes gave him a shrug and half assed smirk to appease him for now since they had Holly there and she didn't want to explain too much to this woman, no matter how nice she was.

"Well I know where Halifax is now." He smiled and showed her where they were and where they would be going according to Jeanie in a few weeks and Miranda's eyes got a wide as saucers and almost choked on the watermelon she was chewing.

"Oh my goodness!  We're going to the other side of the world?" She looked to Holly for answers who chuckled and said,

"No Miranda, you're only going a third of the way.  There's much more to the world besides what you see on this computer screen."  Miranda was blown away with that knowledge.

"Oh boy, I've got so much to learn." She sighed and felt awkward over her lack of knowledge over her own mom's home planet.  Mearth then showed her where they would get computer items that Reach and Orwell would need.  She was happy to see that the computer she had was still being sold but it seemed to have more to it than the one she had.  Holly suggested that she make a request for a new one from the President as he did say he'd help them out if they needed it and an upgraded computer would be a good thing to request.  Miranda didn't feel it was right to ask but Holly insisted and she'd get one for each of them as they would need it.  

Two hours later and much computer surfing and teaching by Holly, both of the siblings pretty much had a good grasp on how to access things on line and how to find and search for things.  Holly also warned them that not everything was true and if it was questionable that they should check and see if the facts were carried by more than one place.  If it was for the most part it was usually true.  

"Now Mearth, if you need any help please call again OK?" Mearth smiled and nodded to her and she scooted up on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on his cheek.  He turned a beautiful shade of deep pink.

"Oh my!" He said as he touched his cheek.  "You can count on it!" He was beaming as much as Holly was.  She opened the door, headed out and turned around in the hall and waved to Mearth who only giggled like a school kid.  He closed the door a moment later and pretty much swooned before Miranda's eyes who shook her head but with a smile headed back into the suite with plans for tomorrow floating around in her head.  
"I don't know about you Mearth but I need to clean up some and I think we should head to bed.  We have a long day tomorrow."  She watched him wander over to the sofa and sit the smile still on his face.  He nodded an agreement but she didn't think he was really listening.  

"So what are you going to do?" She asked him hoping she got through to him.

"Watch some TV." He replied as he picked up the remote and clicked on the flat screen hanging on the wall.  The loud noise that came from the screen made Miranda flinch but she was fascinated to see the wall come to life.

"Uh, um... OK.  I'm getting into the shower." She walked away and headed to the room she had picked out for herself and went through her bag and got out her evening sleepwear.  She wandered to the shower and looked around at everything provided.  It took her a few minutes to figure out how to operate the shower but she managed pretty well and she was quite proud of that.

When she got out and dried off she felt so much better and realized she didn't tell Mearth she had spoke to their mom, so she figured she should so she headed out to the main area of the suite and noticed that Mearth was already asleep in the sofa.  She went over to him and shook him awake and told him to go to bed. Mumbling he went easily enough but it took some directing from her.  She turned off the TV once she got him settled and she locked the door to their suite.  She headed off to bed and into the night she spoke out; as she slipped under the covers.  

"It's been a great night mom and dad, the rules are the same even with all the new stuff I'm learning.  Thanks for what you taught me before I got here. Good night." and with this she drifted off to sleep with anticipation of what tomorrow would bring for her and her brother and the news she had to share with him about talking to their mom.
Generation Ork - Chapter 12: New things Same old..
Chapter 11  Generation Ork Chapter 11: HomeChapter 11 - HOME
Orwell was stunned at the council meeting and all that had happened.  He sat with Miranda going over the rest of the DVD's in the trunk.  Mork was guiding his daughter where to go for the information that they needed for her landing on Earth in a week's time.  Each time she found something she'd load it onto her computer.
The internal investigation only lasted four days and Miele was stripped of his council meeting pending further investigations on Ork.  He was imprisoned aboard Egg-zodus for now until they returned.  Miranda made her suspicions of Miele's secret known and they asked her to keep her informed if she found anything on earth, she said she'd do her best to find out if her suspicions were indeed legitimate.  
"I just find it hard to believe this council member had it out to destroy all that mom and dad had done." She said as she went through more disks, the evidence overwhelming.  She copied more of the dis

If you see a bolded * next to a word or phrase it's either to note the episode this word/phrase or situation was shown in the Mork and Mindy series. 

New words added will be listed in here as well with a description so you know what it is. 

Patot: a large Greenish lizard found on Ork, it had many horns on it's head with smooth eyes and a curled tail. 
They grip trees with suctioned cupped padded feet.  These lizards bite but aren't poisonous. 

Dolbert: Crap/Poop/Shit. 

This is a "Spin off" story of Mork and Mindy's Kids. (Yes plural) Their children Mearth and Miranda 

This story goes from their daughters point of view who would return to Earth to learn about her human heritage. She comes back and finds out about their lives and in turn reports back to "Orwell" Orson's son.  

All she learns about the more modern world that her parents grew up in.... So what are your thoughts ? 

Anyone want to give feedback or ideas I could use within the story. (Those who give ideas WILL be added in the back of the story in a tribute thank you for your support and ideal concepts that build the story) jokes, puns and more are MORE than welcomed! 

Concepts that would confuse or amaze are also great ideas. 

I REALLY do need feed back... readers... comments so I can get a clue on where I should go with this story. PS: If you find spelling mistakes or something that doesn't make sense please let me know and I will correct it. Thanks!
No mommie not the brush!!! photo 1901752_10154642400080332_5661366287153818196_n_zpsd2078a16.jpg

OK so yeah I know this image above is in "bad taste" but it's funny as hell as there's an AWESOME story behind it (PS this IS a joke pic!) 
*I am not hitting my foster daughter here...* but she's still none the less doing what her baby brother says... "No mommie not the brush!" LOL! 
It's a long time running gag around our place, when my son gets out of hand now I always say (joking of course) "Don't make me beat you!!"  and he always yells that line... (There's a GOOD reason for it to... if ya wanna know just note me and ask, I'll fill ya in it's HILARIOUS!) Anyway this was played out today after our wonderful meal :) for Thanksgiving here.  I figured it was as good as any to do LOL... 

I had a shit load of friends here. :) My kids and I had a BLAST and we ate till we could hardly move! 

Thanksgiving 2014 photo TG_2014_zpsc137d252.jpg

Pictured above: Top left image Bottom: Kat, (to the left) Clara, Keith, Bryan-James, Steph and Brian. 
Pic going to the right (Wolverine dude) is my buddy Brian... (He's my ass kickin friend LOL)
Right side middle image: Myself, Brian (hiding LOL) and my foster daughter Steph. 
Bottom right image: Brian (Just cause he has hardly any pics of himself and I'm having fun with my camera. 
Bottom Left image: Foster daughter Steph and myself :) Love this kid she's turned into quite the person :) 
very proud of how far she's come. <3 
Left side middle: Again my buddy Brian as he has hardly any pictures. I liked how they turned out. :) 
best ones so far with my sDLR camera. :)

As you can see I had a full house. (One of the kids you kinda can't see as she took off into the living room LOL!) but yep 3 babies in my place and 7 adults :) We would have had one more but my GFs oldest didn't make it (work and all... poor kid) 

We watched movies and had coffee and tea after :) and chatted for hours. :) I think this is one of my best thanksgiving dinners in ages. :) 

Anyway I will be doing so writing soon :) hoping to get chapter 11 out tomorrow evening if not then by Wednesday as I am 
hoping to finish off the 1st "book/spin off story" for Generation Ork by the end of the month. :) *and then I can start on another one.* 


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